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Great article, Elaine! I have to agree, some days are easier than others and some are just simply a challenge. You have to know when to walk away and when to keep at it, but to never give up. I love the idea about having sketchbooks or journals placed all over the house, will have to borrow that idea. There's never anything to write on when I get a good idea, and sometimes it's gone by the time I find pen & paper:)

Wonderfully inspiring article!

Elaine, great article! Thanks so much! Debbie

Elaine....Very nice article!!! Thank you for sharing that. This hasn't happened to me in a while, but last night I dreamed of a new collage style (new to my work) and am off to the studio to have a go at bringing this vision to life! I'm excited and thankful for the dream gift.

Oh you lucky girl! I would love to have that dream!!!

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