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I have had this book for quite awhile and have read it cover to cover! And I still refer back to it when I need a little push to get me back into my "creative mind". I highly recommend this book! xo..deb

Am having trouble finding a general email spot on you site....but have a question for the artist Christine Goldbeck....I am curious about website/art archiving and wonder if as a new media artist in addition to your other art-making you might suggest a place to start learning about that aspect of contemporary art? Thanks for you time. --Lara Lynn Lane


I have many suggestions for you and can help you with the whole archiving issue. So, let's begin. Would you like to hop over to email or personal blog to do this? Email me at cgoldie@verizon.net or we can chat here. Your call.

Thanks for your interest in MMCA and for your inquiry.

C Goldbeck

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