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Well said! Mixed media can also be called "play", at least for me it is. Constantly pushing the boundaries, breaking the rules, seeing what works, what doesn't, makes it all a great learning experience. And the best part is when you try something new, maybe a technique, maybe using something in a different way than what it was intended for, and then sitting back & thinking yeah, that works!

Sue thanks for sharing your thoughts on Mixed Media and adding to Christine's great article.

Mixed media is my outlet! Sometimes dabbling with all sorts of different things just to have fun. Enjoyed your article!

Hi Nancy,

We are so glad you stopped by for a visit and enjoyed Christine's article. Hope to see you again soon.

Well said Christine!!! Working with
mixed media to me is a challenge to make the unusual elements work within the "rules" and then just for spite find one to break.

Elaine I love your thinking...Rules...just for spite find one to break.

Great post Deb! As a mixed media artist...sometimes I have to be honest that my mind is SO FULL of ideas (because we push the limits) that it is hard to "focus". At times I have been so over stimulated that I don't even know where to start and stop! And I find that when I just "let go" and not really care where the piece is going and let it "lead me" instead of me "leading it"...is when some of my best work appears!

To me that is the purest love & joy of being a mixed media artist! Make sense? :)


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