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What an interview!

I am going to pour over this again, there is a lot to absorb. What a wonderful thing for a Isabella to share some much with us.

Thank you for this.

I feel less lonely already!

wow Deb!!! You made me feel like a shining star today ;) thank you!! xo~ Bella

What a wonderful interview. I love your work and depth of soul!

Such a great, in depth interview! Thank you for sharing so much insight! xoxo

What a wonderful interview! You've made things very clear to me concerning "outsideer art". I admire you for your creativity AND your love of God. Thank you Bella. You are a real inspiration! Besides my website, I sell on Ebay,Etsy and all the other art groups, hoping to get my art out there. My first book was published in '03, "Personal Gift Baskets." I love to write. Thanks again and God Bless you and your family. Hugs....

Thanks for the inspiration to follow my own path!

Wonderful interview!...Make me want to stay up tonight with my music and art (quietly!)
Izabella..you have been an inspiration for me.


Happy Birthday! This was such a terrific Interview! Izabella I sent you a gift it is in your Etsy e-mail!

Very nice interview! You have added a lot to the art world.

Very Proud of you dear Izabella, your interview was interesting , I am so thrilled to be your art friend. God bless you always !

A great interview Izabella, I loved reading about what inspires you and how you started. I just wanted to thank you for asking me to join your Creative Souls website. Clare (Altered Moments)

Terrific interview!

I found you and your art through Sue Pieper and boy am I glad! Awesome and inspiring. I wish I could be as brave and bold with my art! Great interview... I like to get to know the artist behind the art. I will keep my eye out for you from now on!

A great interview with one of my most favorite artists. You are an inspiration, Izabella - never stop creating your incredible soul-grabbing art...xo

Bella you are God's amazing gift to this world, and my heart!!
May you stay forever young and embrace always everything that is lovely, true and good!! Thank you for all you so freely share, and Birthday Blessings dear one!!!
xo abigail

Anyone reading this interview can see why I so adore Izabella - as an artist and as a friend. She is truly AMAZING! She is a generous and inspirational soul and the world is a far better place because of her. Her art is addictive! Kudos to you, Bella!

What a great interview! & might I add A Happy Belated Birthday Bella..Congrat's on your first online interview.. You have inspired me for years, and a truly an amazing artist.
Thank you Izabella for your gift of inspiration, creating your website creative souls.. I'm inspired everyday..
Always Belladonna

A lovely interview, Bella. You were right about finding "your tribe". That's how I feel about Creative Souls; a wonderful feel-good place, full of kind and encouraging people. All thanks to you!
Jo x

Yay, Bella! Hearty Congrats on a grand interview & belated birthday!

Great interview. I am so happy to learn more about Izabella. And what a great birthday gift you gave to her Debbie.

What a wonderful interview with Bella! She is such a sweetie and a dear dear friend. I'm sorry I'm so late reading here.

okay, I super late reading this, but what a great interview my friend. You are such a love and inspiration. I am so glad to call you my friend.
love you.

Genisis 31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.

oops: Gen 1:31

So awesome reading about you!!! Great interview Bella!!

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