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What a wonderful, informative interview!! I love Michael's work, he is a great inspiration to me (as well as to thousands), I admire him greatly!

Thanks to Michael for taking the time in his crazy schedule for this interview. It was very eye-opening, and educational. Really puts into perspective the time this can take!

Thanls for the great interview! It was very informative.

Always a treat to learn more about artists we love! Thanks for a great feature! Michael, thanks for sharing some of the 'nuts and bolts' of your creative process :-)

Michael is the best teacher!!!! He lets you follow your idea and makes suggestions, nothing is right or wrong and he gives you the tools, hints, and info to create.
If you ever have a chance to take a class from him please do yourself a favor and sign up!!!

great article... michael is a huge influence on me as an artist and as a teacher. its not terribly obvious in my work, but its there... i so appreciate "hearing" these words and remembering, like Peggy said, all of the great things i've learned from his classes.

thanks, dude! ;) thanks MMCA!


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