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Misty, thanks so much for doing this interview and granting us a peek inside your life. And it's a life that sounds quite perfect to me!

Thank you Misty for doing this interview, and thank-you for sharing with us as a teacher. You are such a wonderful spirit, and my wish for you is to continue loving your life and your work. light and love-amanda

Thankyou so much for this interview-it is wonderful to hear from someone so passionate about life, love, family, and art and it shows in your beautiful work.

This is a beautiful interview!!!

Misty has always been a "huge" inspiration in my little art world. I have enjoyed watching her art bloom throughout the years~ Her work stands alone, she is one of a kind!! I can spot her style a mile away ;)

xo!! ~Bella

Misty is a poet, in all mediums, including life.

I am a huge fan of Misty and her artful life. This was a wonderful interview. Thanks Misty for continuing to open up and share with us all.

Thank you all so much for the interview! It is so wonderful what you share here and i am grateful that you asked me to be a part of it, thank you!!!

and to the comments here.... so very sweet, thank you. xo

what a wonderful interview and fabulous eye candy to accompany it!

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