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Kelly, I so appreciate your succinct writing and your entepreneurial spirit! Thanks for continuing to contribute the conversation about marketing and client education. I'll be adding this information to my blog at http://wholepersonmarketing.blogspot.com.

Kelly, thanks for you insight and experience.

loved the interview and I really think this is a book that could help me. I do have a hard time saying the price of my paintings. I know they are worth it, but worry about disapointing people. I guess I want people to like me as well as my art. And I want the people that like my work to be able to have a piece. Thanks for taking the time to do this and I will be looking at your web-site. Aloha, Robin

Kelly, GREAT interview, and thanks so much for taking the time to do it! You hit the nail on the head regarding one of my biggest marketing challenges, (I have several, I think!) when you said "Basically, we allow our self-worth to get mixed up in our work". That is so true! Whenever I price anything, I almost want to follow it up with an apology, even though I know perfectly well that the price is more than fair, especially considering the materials thatI use. See, here I go again-justifying-this has to stop! Which means I really hope I win your book:) Win or lose, I'll be hanging around your site, you seem like my kind if poerson!

Kelly, thanks for a great interview and offering a copy of your e-book to one of our readers. I spent the weekend reading through my e-book and found it to be very enlighting on some things I new I should be doing and keep pushing down my to-do list!

Thanks for the great interview, I found several things you said that resonated with me.

Thank you for the great information! I find balancing work and home to be my greatest challenge - working from home can be difficult. And I sometimes struggle with pricing and valuing my time.

Hi Kelly, I could definately use your book. I would love to blog but don't know how to get started. For me, my biggest marketing challenge is making time for it in the first place -- day to day work and new ideas always seem to push it to the bottom of the list but after reading your interview I realize I allow that to happen because I have an issue tauting my creativity and worth.

Thanks for taking the time to share and help us.

thanks for the great interview!!!

Hi Kelly, thank you for the great information. I can totally relate to struggles with pricing, valuing my time and finding time to do marketing!

How ironic! We were just talking about starting a blog and had no clue where to start! This is excellent!

My biggest challenge is generating traffic.

My biggest marketing challenge is generating new leads and translating them into sales.

My biggest challenge is getting sales.

what a fantastic interview and such great info. i think the most challenging thing for me, is choosing which of my businesses to market more/first: web design, which of course generates more income and creates stability (but is starting to bore me after 16+ years) or my little art site which is fun and makes me happy because in turn, i can art all day.

Interesting interview on some very real issues.
The pricing issue is challenging for me, as I have had customers make issue of prices, and I in turn, found myself explaining/convincing them of what they are getting for their money (when I instead would have liked to just say "so if you think it's too much, don't buy it! Go to Walmart!) :P

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