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Lovely written, Seth! I mean that. And -you know me- I love word games, so outspiration is so great. Again it's what I told you before, there is something childlike, nearly simple in your words but also so much wisdom and -no exaggeration- soul! You should write a book. (Ah, maybe you are just at it- confess!!!)

I am definitely "outspired" by your words and images! Great post.

and I am inspired as always by your examples of your art here...wonderful words another wonderful site to revisit...thanks for bringing me here from altered page!
Congrats on all your works here and everywhere.

Seth, this was a pleasure to read. So well written--erudite, but with a direct connection to instinctual truth. You're so right about INspiration, and I've not heard it said before. Thank you for this.

Great post, Seth. Have enjoyed my visit and will be taking another look over here soon.

What a great start to your contributions here. Congratulations Seth. I enjoyed the article very much, and look forward to reading your future scribbles. :)

Thank you for sharing Seth's wonderful encouragement and support. I have this bookmarked now and will return . KC is another inspirational artist I have enjoyed learning about. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Love the colliding moments when it all falls into place and one just "knows". Good article Seth.

So glad I followed Seth's post on the Altered Page. I so believe in the colliding of outer and inner but would also add Through. Perhaps that is the 'knowing' or trusting, when you are not even aware until the artwork is finished that another force traveled through your hands and spirit.

you are the DREAMER of such wonderful ideas and compositions and collaborations...lucky folks who can 'tune in' here to read more of your fine articles...nice!

I really enjoyed reading this Seth. I like your concept of in and out with regards our 'spirations...I wonder if "aspiration" fits into our creative drive too?

This is the first time I see your work and I LOVE it! It easily became an outspiration for me and it collided with my inspiration because seeing it made me realize it makes me feel "at home"... and that it's OK for me to create the way I create and not the way outside influences think or dictate I should. Thank you xo

Is there anything you can't do, Seth?

I am continually amazed.
Great article.

I don't think I've ever consciously thought about how the different creative influences enter me as in/outspirations, but you have really outlined the process eloquently Seth! I have enjoyed reading your examples and could relate to many. It's also nice to see your smiling face here :) Thanks for sharing your methodology with us, Karin

Thank you to each and everyone of you that took a few moments from your creative time to read Seth's wonderful article. Both Seth and I appreciate your visit and leaving a comment.

If you have had a colliding moment we would love for you to share it.

Great article, Seth!

seth, good article! the collision of in and out is an amazing thing! thanks for putting it in words! lyle

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