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Super post! Hard to imagine that there are ever "mistakes" in your work- they are all artistic gems. But as you indicate, the imperfections are what can make our work truer versions within our expression!!

This is a great post Seth! Fear and intimidation are salient to me at this time in my artistic process. Something I am constantly working on. I have destroyed works that were "mistakes", only to regret it later. Thanks for such an insightful post...Cynthia

Well said, Seth! I know just what you mean about hesitating out of fear, and also about how much we can learn by plowing through and blundering. I also think fear can keep us working on a piece long AFTER it should have been finished. It is this latter tension that I am more curious about lately.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Seth- well done!

Very insightful and applicable to life in general. Thanks Seth!

Your images and words blend like a mating ritual in Nature. Fear is the unknown critic we have living inside us when we dare to make a sacred mark. Wonderful! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Incredible article Seth you always seem to say the words that are in my heart.

Nice that they also published your pic, very nice.

Great post and good advice, Seth. These images have got my heart racing!

Seth is sooo right! I learned so much from my mistakes.. and I too know those fears. I leave my piece alone when that happens... but I too go too far sometimes. Some mistakes might learn you new things and turn out great, a friend of mine called that "flopportunities"... I LOVE flopportunities!

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