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I really enjoyed Seth's article and of course his art is amazing.

Thanks, Seth! The idea of what really is my own voice is something I have been wrestling with the last few years. When I was much younger I had a "style" that some how was lost as I married, had a son, and followed a different path. your ideas in this posting may be just what I've been looking for to find a "Joanie" voice again.
Happy Wednesday,

Love the exercises and advises, thank you Seth. This is a print and save article for me! :-)

this is a fantastic post! thank you so very much, seth and debbie! i love the idea of the style file, and obsessing less. i am an admitted hoarder of artsy bits and have a small "special box" of things i feel i can't part with. i am going to go through it tomorrow and use something. i love that you say not to think about what you are doing in a piece -- i pretty much never have any idea what i'm going to create and just "go" with it. i thought that made me a lazy art-girl. :) these are all fantastic ideas and i thank you.

I can't wait to try Seth's suggestions. Thanks Seth & Debbie for giving us so much of yourselves.

Seth is such an amazing artist, has talent beyond words, creates a vision and style all his own! He has a velvet voice of passionate art that makes a change in you when you see it. It's a sense that you've been touched by something beyond yourself! What a gifted, stylistic artist and soul!

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