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I have Ronna's book, and I love the inspiration it gives me. I can only imagine what I could dream up if I had her DVD!

I've been wanting this book, thank you for having the contest.

Ronna is a great teacher, I've taken Polymer Clay classes from her and she's shared wire working tips as time allowed. She is a very generous person.

I love Ronna's work and would be thrilled to have a copy of this DVD! What a great give away!!

I am constantly amazed at the creativity and originality of Ronna's work. Her pieces give me the inspiration "spark", and I would LOVE to win her DVD!

Love Love love Ronna Sarvas Weltman! I'd be thrilled to win her DVD!

I've taken classes from Ronna, her inspiration and willingness to share ideas are wonderful. Can't wait to see the DVD.. what a lovely substitute for not being able to fit in another class! I'd love to win the DVD

I think this DVD would be a great learning experience for me. I just recently bought my first metalwork instructional DVD, and I really like learning this way. Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

When I picked up Ronna's book it would not leave my hands until I paid for it. Love the book, would love to have the DVD

Ronna's work is so inspiring. I'd be thrilled to have this!

Ronna is such an outstanding artist and teacher!
I'm sure this DVD will be inspiring as usual.
Mary Ann

Always trying to increase my knowledge base and so would love to win a copy!

I would love to have this DVD, Ronna makes such fabulous things... Have her book, but a book is not as interesting I guess as seeing the artist really doing things instead of reading and looking at pictures...

I have Ronna's book and love it...it would be great to have the DVD too!

I have been following Ronna's doings for couple of years now. I love her style and ideas. Recently I bought her book and have got a lot of inspiration from it. I'm sure her DVD is also very inspiring and amazing, full of useful instructions and interesting ideas. Can't wait to take a look at it! Therefore I would be thrilled win the DVD! :-)

I learn best by watching - then trying out. I CAN READ but don't learn best that way. Would love to have this DVD!!!

Would love to have the DVD.Love your work

DVD's are the easist way for me to learn, and I'd love to learn some new techniques from this one! Seems like I've missed the boat by not being very familiar with Ronna's work, but that's going to change soon as soon as I start looking for her books. I need a spark of creativity right now, and Ronna's work looks like it might be the answer. Just what the doctor ordered:) Thanks for offering this as a give away-very cool indeed!

Actually watching the entire process done is so much easier than step by step photos, which sometimes can't convey the necessary info. I'd love to win this DVD!
Erin S

I have Ronna's book and the polymer clay video, I love them all. i think she has a good didactic method that force you to develop your own style and creativity. As all of us in this blog, i would like to have the hole collection.
Thank you for sharing this opportunity. =)

IMAGINE ... well when your well runs dry and you're suffering from creative block you need a good source of inspiration and this lady, this artist, overflows with what you need plus the how-to seals the deal.

The work is so beautiful, would love to own the DVD to go with the book that i already have!! Thanks for doing the contest/1

I absolutely love Ronna's book and would so love to get my hands on a copy of her DVD! Such wonderful inspiration.

I already have a book Ancient Modern. It is very inspirating. I love her style!

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