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sending you & your husband prayers.....everything will work out...have faith...know it's scary..

My thoughts are with you in these difficult times. All my love lisa xxx

Hope al goes well!

We'll keep up the prayers for the both of you!

Hi Debbie - so sorry to hear of these terrible health problems. It is times like this that I commiserate with you in the States. We have free health care here in NZ, and although I complain about our lack of art-supplies here, one thing we are lucky to have is that.


Sending you & Steve prayers...stay positive.


Hi Debbie
Thank you for your email update. I sorry for your troubles but glad that you finally received some answers. You and Steve are in my thoughts.
Warmest Regards

Sorry for not replying sooner. Hope all continues ok. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless

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